Can the risk data be baselined?



  • vmittal

    A functionality where all risk metrics are included in the baseline may be helpful - risk name, description, owner, rating, due date, mitigation actions, commentary and all custom fields associated with risks.

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  • Amplify Support

    Hi All,

    I'd like to have a discussion about the use case for baselining risk data. I am interested in the following: 

    • What kind of historical reporting is being done on risks? 
    • What is the process involved? When is a risk compared against its baseline, what questions are we trying to answer about the risk? 
    • What decisions are being made following the review of a risk against its baseline? 

    To date, risks have not been part of the baseline and I am interested in the processes and workflows that baseline risk data would support. 

    Look forward to discussing it further. 

    - Phil

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  • vmittal

    Thanks Phil.

    We are looking at following for risk reporting:

    (1) How the risk rating has changed historically?

    (2) How the impact/ likelihood assessments have changed historically?

    (3) Any risk ownership changes over time?

    (4) If review dates and due dates for risks/ mitigation actions have dragged over time or actions have been completed by due dates?

    (5) Trends on custom fields we have created for risks - Top 10, trending.

    Above will help with risk assessments and decisions regarding next mitigation plans, impact on overall initiative.

    Hope this helps. More than happy to discuss further. 

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  • vmittal

    Hi Phil,

    Do we have a plan to include RAID items in baselines?



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